MANTI | Our store brand |Turkish Ravioli | 500g 


MANTI | Our store brand |Turkish Ravioli | 500g

Denizli style

Slightly Baked dumplings, makes it more durable during the shipping, it wont melt and stick to each other. It is Denizli style.

Turkish meat dumplings or Turkish ravioli known as “manti” is a very popular dish in Turkish cuisine. Kayseri manti is the most praised type, which is originally from Kayseri, an Anatolian city in Turkey. These melt-in-the-mouth dumplings are famously tiny and very delicious.

For the most authentic manti experience, pour garlic yoghurt sauce over warm manti and drizzle red pepper-infused olive oil, and serve immediately. You can also sprinkle with mintoregano or sumac before serving.

Halal food. 500 g. Sold frozen.